Ninjatrader not updating

Now is the time to get started on moving your custom software from Ninja Trader 7 to Ninja Trader 8! When can you start converting my Ninja Trader 7 indicators to Ninja Trader 8? How much will it cost me to convert my indicators from Ninja Trader 7 to Ninja Trader 8?

When will Ninja Trader 8 be available to the public? There is a minimum fee involved, along with an additional hourly rate for those with more work involved.

If you currently have two computers activated you will need to deactivate one of them first.

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It is important to note that sometimes indicators may have been changed sufficiently enough to affect the plots on your current charts.

The best way to make sure everything is working well is to remove the updated assembly (indicator orstrategy) from the chart and then reapply it.

Otherwise, it’s likely that your indicator is code locked. Some users will immediately notice performance enhancements and other improvements on Ninja Trader 8, and will want to switch as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, you will need to contact the vendor of your product to inquire about compatibility with Ninja Trader 8. My recommendation is for each trader to download Ninja Trader 8, and use both versions of Ninja Trader for a period of time.

Once you are comfortable with Ninja Trader 8, begin the process of moving everything over permanently.

One drive still not working properly it was almost as if there were 2 one drives on my computer.IF you are receiving “Error 5013: No Remaining Activations” please send an email to with your License ID.If you have a second computer with Blood Hound, follow the steps below on your second computer.I took the laptop to the Microsoft store but they limit the time they will work on an issue.Unable to fix the issue in the time allowed the salesman suggested an ASSURANCE PLAN where I could get UNLIMITED SUPPORT.I have kept track of the time spent trying to resolve this issue I spent OVER 15 HOURS on CHATS PRIOR to the ASSURANCE PLAN & ONLY LOST FILES - since the ASSURANCE PLAN spent 39 HOURS on a NUMBER OF CHATS & CANNOT RESOLVE THE PROBLEM.

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