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Originally living in the same building as the X's, HH runs into Nanny in the elevator while she is hanging out with Grayer.

In 2010 Kraus and Mc Laughlin released a sequel called Nanny Returns, in which Nan and Ryan (aka Harvard Hottie) are married, and after having lived abroad for twelve years, they have returned to New York, where they move into a fixer-upper, and Nan hopes to start a business.

One night, a drunken, 16-year-old Grayer shows up at their door, demanding to know why Nan abandoned him years earlier, and thrusting the couple back into Mrs X's life.

Nanny offers to adopt both him and his brother, but he turns her down, saying he needs to do things on his own.

He promises to stay in touch, however before he leaves Nanny gives him a charm that he gave her when he was four, telling him to always remember their time together and to never forget, because she never has.

However, after much apologizing, they begin a relationship.

In Nanny Returns, Harvard Hottie (his real name was revealed to be Ryan Hutchinson) is now married to Nanny, and after moving around the world due to his UN duties, decide to move back to New York. X spends most of her time in seclusion or spending money.

Psychological research proves that each of these childhood stages requires a specific set of care giving skills.

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He eventually finds out why she had left so suddenly, and he forgives her.

He decides to move out of his mother's house and live on his own, as he realizes that his father and mother never really cared for him.

Originally in college when the first book began, Nanny Schuester was the primary nanny to Grayer X, and eventually began to love him as a son. X fires her after the interaction between Nanny and Grayer, jealous that her son sees Nanny as a mother over her.

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