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Son of late Crisologo Correia and late Filipina Costa Correia. Father / Father-in-law of Chrisol / Ciara, Michael Felipe, Alicia / Ian.

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The acquittal of the two locals Samson DSouza and Placido Carvalho by the Childrens Court in September 2016 has shattered her What really shocked Fiona was Michael Mannion also known as Mike Masala, refusal to testify before the court in person during the trial His withdrawal at the crucial stage of the hearing has prompted Fiona never to forgive him She reiterated that she will not return to Goa and continues to call Goa unsafe. Former travel and Tourism association of Goa (TTAG) president, Francisco de Braganca said, The 9.8% hike in fund allocation is very meagre.

The government didnt consider huge growth in the tourism revenue. For further details click here 22 Feb: Times of India.

There is a separate bank account opened by the NRI cell to receive donations from Goans settled overseas. It has been said that the people of Goa have written in as many as 13 languages according to Peter Nazareth, the writer (of Goan ancestry, but hes also very proud of his African roots) in his pioneering 1983 anthology.

Besides, no project has been identified for development and no donations received click here The new issue of Fem Net is out and features some interesting reading: 1. Prior to Nazareths work, there was Vimala Devi The Africander Goans still can be heard speaking among themselves in a smattering of Swahili Alfred Tavares ophthalmologist Dr Gama Pinto Lata Mangueshkar Ileana DCruz Conny Teles ex Mombasa Hubli, Marjorie (Lobo) Aguiar Luis Assis Correia, East African author, who will be laid to rest today, Sunday ... The world-famous tourist destination indeed gets an overwhelming response from foreign visitors with total arrivals going higher every tourist season.

Sources in the Commission for NRI Affairs said the response was very poor despite wide publicity given to the scheme and no NRG has come forward to fund any project.

Some of the NRGs live a hand-to-mouth life overseas.

A lynch mob took selfies as they tied up a tribesman accused of stealing before beating him to death in an attack that has sparked outrage in India. Only three weeks ago Theresa May said that migrants who arrive in Britain after it leaves the EU on March 29 next year would not have the same rights as those who came before. The Morning Leader was a power in the land so long as it was edited by Armand de Souza, father of Tori de Souza, editor-in-chief of the Times of Ceylon, and of Senator Doric de Souza of the Ceylon University. Grandmother of Natasha, Owen, Nathan, Lara, Vanessa, Lisa, Melissa, Samantha and Bradley. Lydia was cherished by her family and loved by any community she was a part of, be it in Kampala, Uganda or in Calne, UK.

Pictures show the frail-looking man, identified as Madhu, with his arms secured around his waist in Kerala. But reports in The Times now suggest she could be planning to back down on this promise in a bid to ease tensions with Brussels in ongoing talks Under the potential new proposals, hundreds of thousands of EU migrants who arrive in the UK before the end of the transition period could be able to stay in the country permanently and enjoy the same rights offered to people who entered the country before The date for the end of the transition period has not been agreed yet, but the EU wants it to be the end of December 2020, to tie into the final day of its budget. De Souza had an unfailing source of reliable information in Sir Marcus Fernando, for long the eminencegirse of the Governor's Executive Council de Souza died at the early age of 47 For further details click here 3 Nov. Fearless Editor who infused a new soul into public life click here Wikipedia: Armand De Souza was born in Assagao, Goa, in 1874 He was the tenth descendant of Roulu Camotin who had converted to Catholicism at the point of the sword in 1537 Orphaned at a young age, he was adopted by his uncle, Dr Lisboa Pinto, the Honorary Consul of the United States in the Colony of Ceylon click here. The Goa government may file a review petition against the cancellation of 88 mining leases by the Supreme Court earlier this month, Public Works department minister Sudin Dhavalikar hinted. Asian Network Comedy heads to India as Aditi Mittal brings you the hottest stand-up from Mumbai's Canvas Laugh Club. Augustine and Lydia's household will always be remembered as a place of laughter, good times and good food!

The 30-year-old was severely beaten with sticks having been accused of theft and later died, according to local media. This could mean an influx of 385,000 people based on the current rate of EU migration, according to figures released yesterday For further details click here 1 Feb. May draws red line on Brexit migrants click here 22 Feb: Hollywood Reporter. The Ministers statement came amid attacks from the MLAs of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and other parties, who alleged that the states coalition government is not doing enough to tackle the crisis. Lydia's funeral will be held on Saturday 24th February 2018 at am at St Peter's Catholic Church, Carronbridge Rd, Swindon SN5 7ES.

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