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Hopefully we can make sure that the clocks change is also useful for your love life as we set you a challenge to use the extra hour to improve your chances of meeting someone online.

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A recently published study from researchers at the University of Iowa looked at how specific kinds of content in online dating profiles changed people's perceptions of the profile's owner.

Online dating is an established fact of modern life, with sites from Tinder to Christian Mingle offering options for all kinds of daters.

Recent studies have revealed that one third of newly married couples met online.

If it wasn’t for online dating, I wouldn’t have had a love life for over a decade, I wouldn’t have had many wonderful relationships, and I wouldn’t have met my boyfriend (who I’m currently living with, and will most likely end up being my husband…

" Here are their responses: Arthur Caplan, bioethicist at the University of Pennsylvania: "Yes.

Dating Profile is an action oriented online dating profile writing service provider.

Obviously everyone is different, but if she exhibits a number of these behaviors, it’s a pretty good sign you’re dating a Texas woman.

Kenji Delos Reyes delivers a speech during the wedding reception of his college friends, Kirby and Grace.

However, Kenneth, Kenji’s only son, makes out with a girl in a bathroom stall as the girl’s grandfather enters; chaos then ensues as the old man chases Kenneth to the reception hall.

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