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” asked Julien Terrell, executive director of the Philadelphia Student Union, a youth organizing group.

“We want a long-term commitment to phasing school police out.” Superintendent William R. would not go that far, but he said he thought the district’s definition of what a school police officer’s job is should be “continually evolving.” Across the U.

After 2012 and the Sandy Hook massacre, more elementary schools began adding police, Canady said.

(Philadelphia’s school police operate independently of the Philadelphia Police Department.

They do not carry weapons or have arrest powers.) School police, in the ideal scenario, “bridge the gap between law enforcement and youth,” said Canady.

“Officers who are working under the right foundation, proper selection and training, make a very positive impact.

Gardner says that while he is glad the district acknowledged its employees acted improperly, its mea culpa did not go far enough.

He has, however, agreed to work with school system officials to review the role of school police in Philadelphia.

S., the number of school police has risen since 1999, when the Columbine school shootings occurred.

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