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Within hours of Missal’s report, Shulkin reassigned the medical center director and dispatched a top aide to take over.

He said the situation was an “urgent patient-safety issue” and that the VA would conduct a “swift and comprehensive review” and take additional disciplinary actions if warranted.“VA’s top priority is to ensure that no patient has been harmed,” he said at the time.

Schedulers there had kept secret wait lists masking how long they were waiting.

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WASHINGTON – President Trump, seeking to rack up accomplishments as he approaches the 100-day mark in office, will sign an executive order Thursday to create an office at the Department of Veterans Affairs charged with holding more VA employees accountable for wrongdoing.

The office will investigate allegations of misconduct – including retaliation against whistle-blowing employees who reported abuses — and seek to identify systemic barriers that have previously hindered the agencies’ top leaders from more adequately addressing such problems in the past, including with disciplinary action.

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Using the left-hand navigation bar, please refer to “Measures” for information on required physician clinic and hospital quality measures, or “Rule Update” for information on MDH’s annual update to the standardized measure set.

VA Secretary David Shulkin told reporters the new office will report directly to him.“Accountability is an important issue to us at VA and something that we’re focusing on to make sure that we have employees who work and are committed to the mission of serving our veterans, and when we find employees that have deviated from these values, we want to make sure that we can move them outside of VA and not have them working at VA,” he said, adding that Trump’s creation of the office by executive order demonstrates how committed the president is to the issue as well.

The VA already has an Office of Accountability Review that was created in 2014 to “ensure leadership accountability for improprieties related to patient scheduling and access to care, whistleblower retaliation, and related matters that impact public trust in VA.”But Shulkin said that office reports to the agency’s general counsel and is focused on senior VA leaders. Trump also promised during the campaign to create a White House hotline for VA complaints and a task force to investigate allegations of fraud and abuse at the VA, initiatives Shulkin has started to implement.“These are all three efforts that are important for us to identify issues that are preventing us from doing the very best job that we can,” he said.

Yet many insurance companies continue to refuse coverage for applied behavior analysis (ABA), which is considered the standard of care for autism treatment, on the basis that it is "experimental" or "educational." Autism Speaks is working to change state insurance laws to require private health insurance policies to cover the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders.

In addition, we are stepping up our outreach to major employers who self-fund their health plans to voluntarily offer coverage.

The site, gov, also shows if veterans are satisfied with wait times at every hospital and clinic across the country and how long they are actually waiting on average.“I really think that this is going to be, when we look back, this is going to be a turning point for VA because the leaders that aren’t focused on what they’re doing have no place now to hide and so they’re going to have to truly be accountable for their results,” Shulkin told USA TODAY at the time.

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