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An improvised war "The war was improvised," says Alonso.

Three days later, the Argentinian invasion of the Malvinas began.

"We were cannon fodder in a war we couldn’t win." Today the war is considered a national humiliation, just like the dictatorship under which about 30,000 people "disappeared." "Most Argentinians have never been to the Malvinas.

"They disappeared when things got serious." Many of the officers had previously worked as torturers for the Argentianian dictatorship.

"They used us recruits for their sadist phantasies," Alonso says.

Forty-four-year-old Gabriel Sagasfume lost the soles of his feet to frostbite in the trenches: The military didn’t have enough boots and many recruits were sent to war in just loafers or sandals.

A total of 450 Argentinian Falklands veterans have commited suicide since the war -- more than died during the actual fighting.Twenty-five years later, the veterans are trying to take their tormentors to court."Argentina has come to terms with the dictatorship's human rights violations," says Alonso, "but the crimes commited during the Malvinas War are still taboo.Wichtigster brasilianischer Journalistenpreis "Premio Embratel" in der Kategorie "Auslandskorrespondenten" im Jahr 2005.Twenty men meet in a backroom in the Argentinian provincial capital La Plata every Tuesday evening.It prevented the stump from getting infected." Another soldier fired a bullet into his chest to put him out of his misery, but he survived the mercy shot.

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