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An 11-year-old Bolivian water frog named Romeo has been looking for his “Juliet” for the past decade to save his species.

Global Wildlife Conservation, and the Bolivian Amphibian Initiative have teamed up for a fundraising campaign to find a mate for the lonely Sehuencas water frog.

With Valentine’s day just around the corner many people will be looking for love online.

Valentine’s day puts enough pressure on couples but it also could leave single people feeling hopeless when it comes to finding the perfect mate.

It was a fear I recognised in myself, so I decided to challenge my own pre-conceptions and promptly bought one month’s membership for My Single Friend.

Giddy on wine and the thought of finding my future husband, my housemates brain-stormed phrases like ‘entertaining’, ‘charming’ and ‘works well in a team’ as they crafted my profile.

Many people look towards online dating websites during Valentine’s day.

The simple fact is that dating online can be a simple and easy way to find your better half.

If I don’t find that one special lady soon, my entire species will be gone as we know it. So, if you believe in love and want to help an old frog out, please donate to my cause.

Adios, amigos.” “Finding a match for Romeo is a new challenge for us but, in the interest of saving an entire species, we gladly and confidently accept,” said CEO Hesam Hosseini.

Romeo started to call for a mate about a year after he was brought into captivity, and Munoz pointed out the calls have slowed in the last few years.

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