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It’s a shame for white women seeking black men that Blair was married in 1994 with three children and an active member of numerous charitable organizations.Denzel Washington Denzel Washington was born one of three children in Mount Vernon, New York in 1954.

There are a lot of black handsome men in the world and white women seeking black men are instantly attracted to them. From that time he started wearing his now trademark hats. began his acting career first appearing in a semi-biographical account of the start up of Def Jam Recordings ‘Krush Groove’. L also had a cameo appearance in the film Wildcats in 1986 plus he wrote the theme song.

Following are mini biographies of three handsome high profile guys who have always got a lot of attention from the ladies. One of the escapes for Todd was hip-hop music which he fell in love aged nine, and with some DJ kit his grandfather had given him by age eleven he was writing songs with his own lyrics. Rick loved his music and wanted to try to set up a record deal. is still considered to be one of Def Jam’s most prized and precious artists. Following that he went back to music and that’s when his career really took off with every one of his albums hitting platinum sales. was happily married with three children which is unfortunate for white women seeking black men. Not a winner at the box office but it drew attention from executives at NBC-TV, who offered him a part in sitcom ‘In the House’ which promoted L. In 1998 he appeared in Halloween and has sionce acted alongside stars including Samuel L.

In 1996 co-starred playing baseball legend Jackie Robinson in the movie HBO’s Field of Honour.

Blair also did theatre with performances such as ‘The Game of Love and Chance’, ‘Love Letters’, ‘Measure for Measure’, and ‘El Negro en Peru’ films enjoyed by white women seeking black men everywhere.

The next year he progressed to the highly acclaimed drama series ‘LA Law’ in 1986 playing the part of attorney Jonathan Rollins for which he received a Golden Globe nomination.

He further went on to feature several high quality television dramas including ‘Heat Wave’ and ‘Murder in Mississippi’ in1990, and ‘Mama Flora’s Family in 1998’ receiving NAACP Image Awards for two of those performances.

Now, the scenario has been changed and black guys are likened by white girls on the basis of their interests, preferences or choices.

Earlier, it was not possible for anyone to make relationship with the other community members.

He was nominated for Oscars for Best Actor for films ‘Malcolm X’ in 1992, and ‘The Hurricane’ in 1999, before he finally winning one in 2002 for the powerful masterpiece ‘Training Day’ in 2001.

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