Lil wayne and nivea dating

I have used maybe 6-7 bottles so far, with full confidence, this is the scent I pick when I am not sure - when I am not sure of what I feel, or when I am just lazy to think what to wear.

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Yes there are green, citrusy, woodsy notes but what is the main note that gives character to this ? It's just clean, fresh and at the same time not your regular aquatic sporty juice that vanishes in few hours. I like and love most of the scent from CH, but this was also terrible on my skin and totally smells like a 10 cent bar soap.

This thing lasts all day and it gets better and better. Opens with a strong, sharp combination of green and spicy notes: this part of the perfume is long lasting, not bad, but bit soapy for me.

I recently bought a sample from a large retailer in Europe, it's the edition with NYC on the box, probably recently made(2016 or 2017) The scent is ok, but nothing extraordinary.

I was looking for something like Lacoste Essential(somthing fresh and "green"), but with better performance and based on notes and reviews I thought 212 Men would be a good contender - well, it's not very similar, I like Essential better, but there's something I found very surprising about 212 Men(current reformulation at least) at least compared to what many reviews say: Performance is AWFUL!

My Rated still 10/10 This is one of the few fragrances in my wardrobe that I dislike enormously. However after owning a full bottle for about 3 years I have only worn this maybe 4 times. Rating: 9 (works pretty well) My first thought when I sprayed this for the very first time was funeral home (flowers). This is a men's cologne, but I wear it all the time and it smells incredible with my body chemistry. So my advice is that you probably need to stay away from spraying on your cloths.

The last time I wore it which was about a month ago I realized why it had been so long since I wore it. The dry down is amazing, and after working all day, 10 hrs, I still smell this on myself as I walk. I really don't find it masculine at all, when I first smelled it I was surprised that it was a women's perfume. I bought a bottle but then I discovered that I don't really like the dry down especially on clothes. The scent, which I have now purchased for the first time, is surprising and rather pleasantly so.

212 Men by Carolina Herrera is a Woody Floral Musk fragrance for men. 212 Men was created by Alberto Morillas, Rosendo Mateu and Ann Gottlieb.

Top notes are spices, petitgrain, lavender, green notes, grapefruit and bergamot; middle notes are ginger, , gardenia, violet and sage; base notes are labdanum, sandalwood, musk, guaiac wood, vetiver and incense. I've tried a sample, and last 10 hours with beautiful smell.

This fragrance on my skin is extremely perfumey and way too floral a very feminine scent. I developed a headache the last time I wore it and that was only from one spray. It's clean and fresh, but slightly incense-like and powdery. It does not so much remind me of a mowed lawn in saturated green, as sometimes referred to, rather a sweet tea which was brewed using that very grass and a few delicate white flowers.

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