Leslie feist dating

I wanted people to hear what I was saying and not to be rounded out by, you know, 17 melodies at once. And I went off to Banff, where I worked with a gentleman named Graham Lessard and recorded.There’s a crew of people that I surrounded myself with on this record that went from the west of Canada to the east of Canada. I hadn’t worked in that environment before, so I think anytime that you get to try out new ways of things and new views of things, and you surround yourself with the right people, that always becomes diving into something head-first. And I think that was the great thing about it, the natural aspect to it.

Leslie feist dating

I think it’s because when you get older, if you’re going to jump, you want to know where you’ve been before you land. One was to make it simple, and make it real for myself, so I could enjoy it, and the other one was to not get lost in the songs, to make them actual songs where I could just sit down by myself or with a band and execute them.

With Social Scene and sometimes it was difficult to pick up an acoustic guitar and play.

How did your experiences with making the collaborative album with Andy Kim differ from those of ? And I made them with Ohad Benchetrit and Dave Hamlin, you know, I basically did them with the same crew. He was such a believer in everything we did, it was almost ridiculous.

But with Andy’s, we stayed in Toronto; we didn’t work with Graham Lessard, who’s wonderful and incredible. After a while, you realize that bringing out someone’s best is actually one of the great things you can do.

“Everyone just kind of hides in their fingers, and they let their fingers do the talking, let their fingers be their courage, and that’s not right. His words go shot-for-shot with the digital age-skeptical thesis points from certain recent albums by St.

Vincent and (two by) Arcade Fire – but always with a dose of his signature overriding optimism and understanding. I did that “Good Sex” video, and a lot of those couples met online.

I’m always into the skydive way of life; I’ve got the bruises to show you.

I just thought the best thing I could do was to have some clarity in the delivery and the display of the album and how it sounded. He became a spine to me that I didn’t realize I needed.

“Some people used to say we were an innovative band, our sounds. In a way, they’re his first non-Broken Social Scene recording endeavors since forming the band, though former members Charles Spearin and Ohad Benchetrit contributed to both, and another, Leslie Feist, will be joining him on bills for some upcoming shows.

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