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Atheist cyberbully (and a clear psychopath) “Katiegirl420” from katiegirl420 checked to see what this user’s beliefs are to decide whether or not to harass them or not.

The other user’s name whom she was bullying has been hidden to prevent more trolls from harassing them.

Zangara had a mistrust of authority figures, probably linked to his mistreatment by officers while serving in the Italian army. (directed at attending minister) I go sit down all by myself. As for his Jesus persona, it likely began as part of an intimidating look that Ortega-Hernandez adopted for mixed martial arts competitions.

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“I want to kill president because I no like capitalists,” he explained. ] I sorry, like when die bird, or horse, or cow, I sorry.” Despite conspiracy theories that Zangara was working for the Mafia and that Cermak was the real target all along, the police at the time and most historians have found no evidence of an overarching plot.

“I have gun in my hand, I kill kings and presidents first and next all capitalists. Zangara was executed a month after the assassination attempt but had some ripe words for the judge present at his execution: You give me electric chair.

The also stole thousands of dollars worth of my property.

I’m nearly back to square one and have little money to work with.

A nearby woman named Lillian Cross grabbed Zangara’s arm, which likely saved the president. One acquaintance reported that Ortega-Hernandez feared that Obama planned to implant tracking chips into children.

But five others were hit, including Chicago mayor Anton Cermak. Jack Chapman, the friend who had sold Ortega-Hernandez the firearm used in the incident, suggested that his conspiratorial motivations may have been inspired by the film .According to later testimony, Lawrence also believed that Jackson had killed his father in 1832.Lawrence’s father had actually died in England in 1823 and had never visited the US., modeling himself after the troubled protagonist, Travis Bickle, in his wardrobe, gun hoarding, and penchant for peach brandy.Ultimately, his attempt to assassinate the commander in chief was based on a desire to impress actress Jodie Foster.The dead president said This is my murderer avenge my death. Never let a third term party emblem appear on an official ballot. Roosevelt wrote to a friend that Schrank was not insane but merely “a man of the same disordered brain which most criminals, and a great many noncriminals, have.” He noted that Schrank “had quite enough sense to avoid shooting me in any Southern State, where he would have been lynched, and he waited until he got into a State where there was no death penalty.” As President-Elect Franklin D. In the video, he said, “It’s not just a coincidence that I look like Jesus.

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