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’ Like I said already it all depends on what you want from life and from marriage.On that I cannot advice but if you don’t file when you see your husband in an affair that actually threatens your home and life you may find yourself thrown out before you can secure your rights.Private investigators are a growing trend in Nigeria. If its photographic or video evidence the person who collected it should appear in court recounting the details of how he or she got the evidence and the events shown.

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That’s okay, that means there are probably lots of witnesses in the neighbourhood, you should find one or two willing to testify.

Avoid the witnesses that expect to be paid ‘transport’ which is a euphemism for bribe.

So witness evidence has more weight than photographic evidence unless presumably its of the pornographic variety. The type that everyone believes before they even say anything. You might get lucky and she’ll say something admitting the affair.

And yes, if you can sneak up on the lovers photograph them having sex at that hotel down the road from your house. Couldn’t even go far away to have his sleazy affairs.

A background in local and regional geology is especially important.

There is only one ground for divorce in Nigeria, that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. Snoopy wives are smart wives only if they are compiling the evidence for a divorce.

For a lot of Nigerian women adultery by their husband is tolerated and is not considered enough reason for a divorce unless it is so obvious and so detrimental to her and her children by which time it may be to late.

‘You want to move out so the other woman can finally move in?

In one case it was held reasonable to assume familiarity and sexual intercourse between a woman and man that were seen returning late from a night club and kissing in front of her home. A cynical person might say you won’t find them and may even suggest (gasp in horror) you bribe Uncle Nasiru and Uncle Bitrus to say they saw Mama Nkechi kissing one man under the mango tree. We have an uncanny sixth sense that tells us when our man is cheating. Forward emails and SMS to and from lovers to your in box, do try not to leave an obvious trace.

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