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Standing side by side with other casters, we see the size and type of bread they toss and let the interpretations fly.

Last year I received an email with some of those interpretations: pretzels for twisted sins, rice cakes for tasteless sins, a long loaf for laziness.

Basically that’s tashlich, or “casting away,” a custom that many Jews practice each year at the seashore, lakeshore, stream or even koi pond.

Simply find a place with flowing water and fish, and toss in a piece of bread (others turn out their pockets) to symbolically cast off sins. The list of transgressions we will recite on Yom Kippur is a long and complicated alphabet of falling short, and each year standing before the water, I wonder how can tashlich possibly work?

The commentary in the Rabbinical Assembly’s Machzor Lev Shalem, which has a tashlich service, points out that “Some rabbis opposed Tashlich because it makes the complex process of separating sin from our lives seem too facile.”Maybe tashlich works because like our confession on Yom Kippur, it’s all so public.

It’s one of those moments when we each get to see each other’s sins — or at least an expression of them — and discover that we’re not alone.

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