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It can overcome every danger and conquer every obstacle.

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reach Flores and 2) what are the possibilities for estimating the likelihood of hominin persistence for over 1 million years on a small island?

With regard to the first question, on the basis of the biogeography we conclude that the mammalian, avian, and reptilian fauna on Flores arrived from a number of sources including Java, Sulawesi and Sahul.

Given the long hours I spend at the piano, my teacher Madame Descombes, one of the few outsiders allowed into the house, suggests my stool be swapped for a chair with a back rest. Despite the icy winters the house is rarely heated and my bedroom is not heated at all. If you’re ever in prison you need to show that you’re not afraid of ice-cold water.’ But my parents are allowed hot water, especially my father, who – because he’s ‘the very picture of strong will’ – has nothing left to prove.

Sometimes, it is so cold that my windows freeze on the inside. Alcohol is an important part of training my willpower.

Louis suggested the miner ‘entrust’ to him his youngest child Jeannine, a flaxen-haired six-year-old.

He would educate her at boarding school with the condition that her family no longer saw her.

Three years later, Louis bought a house between Lille and Dunkirk in the north of France and withdrew there so that the couple could devote themselves to carrying out his project of turning their child into a superhuman being.

That child was me.* * * *My father doesn’t like me doing nothing.

I’ve found a glorious consolation to counter the emptiness of this silence: the conversation of animals. With every step we go a little deeper into the cellar, the stench of damp and mould turns my stomach.

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