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playing musical instruments, demonstrating science experiments,introducing another language, cooking etc.

Parents are encouraged to shareskills and interests through the Preschool Information Book and regularnewsletters.

All parents receive an overview of these roles and responsibilities in the Preschool Information Book that they receive on enrolment.

More detailed job descriptions are available for interested parents prior to election and to all members of the elected Management Committee.- counting and banking fundraising money.

Volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring with them a wonderful array of experiences, skills and interests.

Their participation has much to offer this community preschool and helps the organization truly reflect the population who attend this Centre.

It is both managed and supported by volunteers from the parent body and local community.

This assistance from volunteers helps the Centre meet the objective of providing affordable and high quality early childhood education.

Our service is committed to providing a safe environment for all children where their health, safety wellbeing is of paramount importance.

In order to ensure this is preserved during the engagement of student and volunteers, and in order to remain compliant with regulations and legislation, the service will abide by the strategies and practices outlined in this policy.

As part of the original structure and Constitution this preschool is managed by volunteers from the parent and community body.

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