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So to me it's really nice when people get the art, but then the writing was me sort of trying to understand it myself, and I think that the book was an accident. In terms of the text, did you have a problem figuring out what to write about because you'd said it all last time? I love being in Motley Crue, and I love being in Sixx: A.

NS: I really felt that this moment in time gives me an opportunity in looking at what's going on socially and how I fit into it. M., and I would never hurt the fans feelings by saying anything mean about my band.

And the band bonded together as three brothers and at the same time I was individually sort of dealing with my own demons.

Us: So you've just been saving these photographs all along? to speak on Capitol Hill, and just to look at the four hundred film crews and all those congressmen and congresswomen, and be in the Halls of Congress talking about recovery and this is a global issue that came from teenage angst was surreal. I can't even put anybody down, I just think that I have more to offer.

bassist Nikki Sixx, who turned 51 in December, has confirmed the end of his two-year relationship with 27-year-old tattoo artist and "L. Ink" star Kat Von D (born Katherine Von Drachenberg)."I want to wish Katherine nothing but the best in her life," Sixx writes on his My Space page.

"We are taking a break from our relationship for reasons that we will choose to keep personal.

Being in a rock band, being in a relationship, having a relationship with my subjects that I'm photographing, it's all the same thing.

I have to have that complete honesty and complete trust.Us: And then you chose not to put it in, but you briefly dated Denise Richards. I'm not really about talking too much about relationships, but I'm in a beautiful relationship right now.I love being in love, and I love being in that creative zone, where you just, feel that everything you do is honest and real, and you're not second guessing anything.Us Magazine.com: How are you going to deal with touring and doing your radio show at the same time? I'm gonna be doing the This Is Gonna Hurt book tour and touring with my bands. Could you tell me a little bit about why you decided to explore that angle of things. I have tens of thousands of images so I decided I wanted to push this idea of my photography out. I don't want it to fail, but I'm prepared to fail.I knew in my heart it wasn't going to be successful, because most things I do are set up for failure. And this book was like me trying to resurrect my sister, dealing with a lot of my issues.I recently caught up with the Motley Crue rocker, who just scored his first top ten debut album this week with his new band, Sixx: A. We'll be designing clothes on the road in the middle of everything else. Us: I read the book over the weekend, this is a very good follow-up to .

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