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I just don't want to get caught by two nosy mice.

Living in Los Angeles can be difficult from time to time because purchasing goods can often be a strain. it is being reported that he is also absent from the group's next single, "Going! Since the y&j LA already confirmed and then coming another offers for club touring, it's good pathway!

dakara gambare Jin Miyakoi agreed with u about the ticket's ermmm expensive, a to Japan ticket it's cheaper, that's can't help since Johnnys determine to make so much $$$$ as they can through Jin, after-all it's Jin's 1st ever LA show..paying $150 it's worth it, coz i know i would never get regret for paying that price ok dude, Im just going to say a thing about Avex, They have nothing to do w/ all the sh1t~ Its SME. ok dude, Im just going to say a thing about Avex, They have nothing to do w/ all the sh1t~ Its SME.

Ofcourse Im kiddin~ I dont like to get bricked here. He has his picture then you need to higlight everything to read whats in bad!

i shouldn't mentioned other agent name though...gomen~tour webpage?

Maybe I just really have no idea about US Maybe the new single had been done in a rush so there wasnt a clear plan at all at the start? Plus, one of them has decided to go see all three shows; lucky little girl. But getting front row seats will put a big smile on my face. If they find out that I am spending over a hundred dollars to go see a concert, they will probably decapitate me. no matter what reasons they given Johnnys i just see they just toying with the fans! even it's annoyed my ears but i keep playing again and again to hear his weird accent rofl~and of course y&j sneak's cool!!

Its like the usual pricing of concert tickets here actually even for a showcase. Depending on where they want to sit is the big issue. that would be the last thing for the fans to hear but such that's news will make it through the big headline and hotseller news that can be lasting for a month!But this feeling won’t go away and I can’t keep my mouth shut. Now they can choose their partners from wherever they are.Personnel from armed forces are unable to enjoy the lives and routines of the civilians as they are posted far from home and repositioned from time to time.Military dating sites have made dating for military recruits, people in uniform and their admirers absolutely simple.The description read “Debut single “Choo Choo SHITAIN” on sale today”.

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