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Now, I'm honored to introduce you to seven additional trans teens who share their tips on building self confidence and inspiring all around them. She loves theater, photography, and hanging out with friends.

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Seeing other trans people living openly and successfully creates hope, and from hope you can create confidence.

Leo is a film student at the University of Michigan, passionate about creating social change through storytelling.

Her Confidence-Boosting Mantra When I was seven years old, a parent on the playground at school told me that my parents were horrible and that I was going to hell. Others may say bad things about you, but it's just because they don't understand.

But my mom told me: "Keep your shoulders back and hold your head high. They can't tell you who you are."How She Overcomes Bullying You're not going to change someone's view of you if you yell and scream, so I choose compassion over anger.

But I've grown stronger since then, physically and emotionally. And I love being able to see the progress I've made.

It reminds me of how far I've come and how much I can achieve.His motto is, "Everyday I learn something new, and every day is another chance to keep being me."How Going to the Gym Boosts His Confidence Before starting testosterone and having top surgery, I avoided the gym like the plague.I could never lift as much as a lot of the other guys and I was just smaller than most.I love watching Gigi Gorgeous and Julie Vu's videos.They go through similar things as me, and when they share their experiences, I know that I'm not alone.2015 has been an unprecedented year of visibility for the trans community in mainstream media, but trans people still face hatred and bullying simply for being who they are.

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