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The organization or structure, the network of relationships, and the nature of relationships within a system are relative to the purpose of the system.

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In this case, neither behavior is distinct, uses concepts such as input (what a system brings into itfrom communication to knowledge, to electricity and labor, depending on the system), throughput or process (what the system does with the input), and output (what the system producesfor a relationship, this might be stability or satisfaction or both).

In a cybernetic system, there is an agency (person or organization) with a goal.

The second level, transformation one, looks at what happens when relationships begin to form (from stranger through acquaintance, on to the development of a relationship)--this would be the development stage.culture, intercultural dating could occur between any two people with group-based differences in values, norms, beliefs, role expectations, and so on, even if these are between regions, urban-rural, between social classes, religions, or even families. So also, if any relationship can be intercultural, than intercultural ceases to be a worthwhile term to discuss relationships.

One writer says that everyone who dates , even if you date the boy (or girl) next door. Still, it is good to notice that even if we are dating someone who seems to look and sound the same as us, she or he still might have cultural influences; even families seem to develop their own cultures (with a small c; Dodd & Baldwin, 2002).

(Ex: You nag your partner to get more romantic attention, but the nagging makes your partner feel become less romantic.

So you nag your partner, who becomes less romantic, so you nag your partner)With this brief overview, the main things you should learn in this lengthy website are in bold.

It must do this by sensing deviations from the norm and correcting those 'faults'" (Littlejohn, 1989, p. It is the failure to correct faults that leads to entropy and disintegration of the system.

However, the state is not usually constant, but is constantly going through minor changes within an range.

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Central to openness of a system is its relationship to the environment.

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