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Mexicans are voting mainly republican because they "think" that party actually wants them when the fact is they just want more slaves to create a rich/pour society and they are using mexicans to that end. this is what i mean, the communistic dumbing down of america at hand...i thought this was a free site.... I am not prejudice at all but it is a clear fact that ILLEGAL immigrants are ruining the economy.

Everyone is beginning to suffer including now the white non-rich; they're the new has-beens. They seem to be right where you put them, right above your post asking why they were deleted. If you're using Internet Explorer: Tools / Internet Options / (Browsing History section if you're using I. I have no problem with immigrants coming to this country if they come legally.

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It is a part of their culture - the verb is "piropear" in spanish. If men driving around in trucks with lawnmowers approach me when I'm walking. Wow, some of the comments on this post are really sad.

In Hispanic cultures, it's consider a harmless compliment. It doesn't matter if the culture in mexico dictates males into being chauvinist pigs... My initially thought is "im gonna get raped" but they just start catcalling..disgusting! This is the ONLY reason I oppose mexicans in our country!!!! b-4 i was born b/c they knew they were not gonna be able to support me as well as here. If you take a look at American History you will find that nearly all of the southwest United States (including California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Florida)was at one time Spanish Territory.

In one hand you know that if you were in the same place as the mexicans here you'd probably do the same as them to have a better life for you and your family. A little Chinese guy, a little Portugese guy, a little English guy, a little Spaniard guy, a little Japanese guy, a little Korean guy, a little Black guy....the little English guy jumps up real high, sticks his chest out real proud with his turned-up nose in the air and tells God..`Thanks for making me the best of them all!

But on the other hand you know that laws need to be followed to have a prospering nation so I don't really see any solution to this situation. I am the smartest, the prettiest, and all the rest are inferior to me.` This is how God sees it, I am sure.

For those of you who post on bulletin boards and message boards that allow the use of avatars, he's a great one for ya: And here's the original if you want to use it to create your own avatar, or...whatever: Well, aparently someone fails to see that those mexicans are people too whether they speak fluent english like my self or not i would be pissed if i knew someone looked at me and thought of me in the way you think of mexicans you clearly must live like in Texas or some place near the border but hi ! we are like roaches , you can't get rid of us and that scares WHITE folk hahahahhaahahahahaha I'M SOOO GLAD THAT MY RACE INSTILLS FEAR HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OH a few last things before i leave you CHILDREN cause in MY POINT OF VIEW there aren't anymore adults just older kids JEFF if having SO many MEXICANS in YOUR COUNTRY WHICH YOU LEGALLY PURCHASED FROM THE NATIVE AMERICANS bothers you......SELL IT !!! They are willing to risk it all and use false papers to get a job to feed their families. Then why do i see AMERICAN Hobos with cartons saying HOMELES. Do you often see mexicans in the street saying,"Homeless"? Now, if you are a Native American(which i TRULLY doubt) than that's a different story.

i'm sorry i didn't introduce my myself I'm MEXICAN female at that. Then you will have to sell the STATUE OF LIBERTY , any products that don't say MADE IN THE GOOD OLD' U. OF A., your culture ( Oh wait you guys don't really have one you stole that too )AND EVERYTHING ELSE THAT'S NOT AMERICAN (wait then you won't have anything ) kick every NON-AMERICAN out of this country put up massively huge steel walls around the borders and maybe then you guys can live in peace ( lets just hope you are all hard workers ) ..... They come here in the blistering cold, hot, or raining waiting outside in a corner waiting for someone to tell themthey need workers. Because everybody knows that they were the first ones here. GIVE THANKS TO GOD YOU WERE BORN HERE, JUST KEEP SOMETHING IN MIND... l IKE HUMAN BEINGS, WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO LOOK FOR BETTER LIVES AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR OURSELVES, AND OUR FAMILIES OF COURSE.For all you know, the situation makes me as happy as a human is capable of being. Or are you just saying that because you didn't appreciate the way they adressed at you?Hispanic men do not whistle or cat-call at girls, American or Hispanic, because they "think they have a chance" with them. i just want to say i know im stiil a lil kid 18 but i know my family has struggled for me to have a good life i actually think that all of us mexican's deserve to be in america than americans them selves and i know all of us know that were harder workers im not trying to say anything about americans it's just that i had a harder life in mexico i worked 5 times harder over there than in america so that is why my parents and me decided to move to america to have a better life well that's all i have to say and by the way who ever made this page probably dosn't have a heart ........Now, as an American female from NYC, I completely understand why this is percieved as threatening/undesirable. Its quite simple really, Americans built a sucessful, efficient country Mexico made a mess of theirs, they now want to leave their country and come to America.... It's funny to think that there could be ignorants like some people. They do it b/c they don't get the enough amount of $ to support their family. And, the sterotypes mentioned are so broad based and are also not entirely accurate.I would just like to point out that "Ashlee" is quite quick to judge a culture she clearly knows little about. You don't actually think mexicans or any hispanic wakes up one day and says"hmm......i think i feel like going to the U. So why don't you think about being in their place and think b-4 you speak. What i had typed before was towards everybody critizizing. The danger in making negative stereotypes is that it marginalizes and dehumanizes the group in question and it allows others to treat these people badly.Mexicans were here first before the europeans and spaniards but the point is they didn't hold on to it as well as the native americans who came here from the bearing straits in asia and africa, they didn't keep it either. more than evil, maybe satanic and bundled their gains thru ill-gotten means, true.

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