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By the time you roll up on cute little Inga, she will have met dozens of guys just like you.

While that fact in no way should discourage you from going, don’t for a second think you’re visiting some type of isolated tribe in the Amazon that will be amazed by your steel tools and exotic spices.

While getting an “in” with an Icelandic girl will be hard due to her introverted and skeptical nature, once you get that in you’re going to be rocking the bed in record time.

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If learning the local language is important to you, then go to the following site for free lessons:

Iceland is expensive as balls and definitely not for the budget-minded traveler.

Besides Blue Lagoon, there are several day tours where you can view glaciers, geysers, mountains, and whales.

Two well-known tour agencies are Mountaineers of Iceland and Eskimos.

Iceland was founded by the Vikings, supreme badasses who some-how figured out how to live in one of the least pleasant environments on Earth.

On their way to the island, they stopped by Ireland and kidnapped some Celtic women as wives.

It’s safe to assume that brutal rape was part of the program, which is why you see a surprising number of brown-haired Icelanders.

While their skin is almost always milky white, less than half of the women are platinum blonde, which is probably the stereotype you had about them.

The more likely a stone thrown from the bar you’re gaming in will land on your hotel or apartment, the more girls you will fuck, all because you’re making it easy for drunk Icelandic girls to continue their night.

If your place is so far that you need to take a taxi, you’ve already lost the game. Zoom in and locate the domestic airport on the left (Reykjavíkurflugvöllur). I lodged a respectable five blocks away, so all I had to do was say the name of the street I was on (Aegisgata) for the girl to say, “Oh, wow! ” Since logistics are such a big part of banging in Iceland, you want to make it as easy on yourself as possible.

The best way to get Iceland bangs is to find a girl and throw an “afterparty” at your place once the bars close, so you’ll need your own room stocked with a bottle of booze within walking distance of the nightlife zone.

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