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In regards to enlisting in the military, he simply said, "I do have plans to go to the military, but I don't lee seung gi dating you lyrics to think about it right now.I just started acting now, so I want to do a lot more productions--good productions," naming uncharacteristic roles that he'd like to try, as well, such as psychopath, murderer, silent characters, and more.

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Even Onew's recent collaboration with Rocoberry was said to have happened because of Hwan Hee and Rocoberry's good relationship since they become church friends.

While some are not convinced that Onew and Hwan Hee are dating based on the said evidence, some fans believe that the two were indeed dating but they have broken up now.

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He didn't say it was because he's gay, but we all seem to know he's gay and its kind of obvious why he would think of killing himself. He wanted to jump out his 13th floor window when he was in FTTS. I think I saw it from ALLKPOP news, not sure, somewhere on twitter today, maybe Daily Kpop.

He is also taking people on a tour of his large luxury condo that just reeks of homo cleanliness hahaha I just saw the article posted on this forum. He looks good now and more relaxed and you're right, that condo is homo clean. I hope he gives Siwon good advice from time to time.

The song leaves fans in awe, as the story line consists of both boys fighting over their true love, who is played by actress Im Joo Eun.

Hwanhee steals Brian’s girl, who seems to have lost her memory, forgetting who she was actually in love with. Let us all bathe in the beauty of Im Joo Eun and Hwanhee as they stroll down the street.

If you thought that punch was brutal, how about this punch AND flip?

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