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I have had a bunch of ethnic Indian lays in UK and Australia but they were UK / Aussie girls from an ethnic Indian background. I even met an australian guy living here, and he has no clue where to find the night clubs. Especially some humanitarian aid chic from Scandinavia living there who hasn't had sex in months(hmmm, maybe I ought to head to India, lol). And where did I say that people should travel to India just to hook up with drunk British chicks. If you strike out with the Russians, the Swedes, the Israelis and the Indians, there are always drunk British chicks.

Things are changing but it will be a good 20 years from now at minimum for social evolution to the point of recognizing & valuing individual choices.

Until then, prostitutes and if you're lucky...exploiting one of the aforementioned Indian "hippies" is the way to go Good post Sonny.

I have never been there (but I will go one day) but I would guess that social circle / social proof would be pretty important so I would say hit up the social networking sights and build up a good circle of indian females and males who want to hang out with you socially while you are in town and take it from there. I hope that your pick up skills are better than your comprehension skills, because those really suck. It is a whole state that used to be a Portugese colony till the 1960s. A few years ago drug fuelled beach rave parties were the norm, but things have calmed down a bit. My uncle who has been there numerous times says he often sees people defecating in the streets.

Opening sets while socialising should be fairly straight forward if you are socially proofed and I imagine would be pretty hard if by yourself. Do a google search for Anjuna Beach, Goa trance, Vagator beach.. I have friends that have gone there and had a great time, but I'll pass on India for now. Goa is an awesome place to go from October to April. Otherwise in India its going to be tough to get laid. And trust me, you will ask yourself why you flew all the way around the world to get the same American-Princess bitchy-ness, only in a Quicki-Mart accent.

With little going for them other than their chosen genre of Western music (usually rock/metal or hip hop), and an irrational belief in "equality" and helping poor people.

These people are like the hippies of India- poor (although they like to call themselves middle class). Otherwise if you aren't fussed about nationality you're looking at ex-pat and traveller type places of which there are many in the main cities nearer the tourist traps. When I was in Rio, that's the same reason I had no interest in paying a cover to get in one of those clubs where rich Brazilians party, even though the girls were hot.And people would travel to India to hook up with drunk British chicks because? Significantly more than any other place I've ever been. adhere to the fucked up social traditions & customs here to have a shot at getting laid for free. I will be in each of the following cities for a few days each: Delhi Jodhpur Kerala What do you guys think? She was saying that if they gave you a hug, they were acting like they scored. And people would travel to India to hook up with drunk British chicks because?Actually in India itself I imagine would be another story. Nobody had talked about Goa, so I was telling people about the Goa scene. I love Indian food and I'm sure it's a really colorful culture, but I have little desire to go to any place full of open sewers, malaria, cholera and terrorism.Online Dating Kerala brings thrill and excitement in the dating lives of the individuals.

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