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Potential primed for a preservationist With the right furniture, new period chandeliers, and a few repairs and some remodeling, Schlanser believes that ambiance could be re-created. I've never lived in a house so long."Herschede history To learn more about the Herschede Hall Clock Co., go to Sunday's Our History pages, .

The retired car salesman said people were shocked when he and Emma moved out of a sprawling 1928 Tudor revival house with a swimming pool in Indian Hill to a smaller one with no pool on Reading Road."I haven't regretted it at all," he said of moving into an old city neighborhood. Here's a little history about the family and mansion:• Patriarch Frank Herschede (1857-1922) was the only child of German immigrants.

The other eight – four boys and four girls – lived to be at least 60.

Frank died at 65, Sadie at 94.• The family sold the mansion two years after Sadie died at age 94 in 1950.

The serial number puts the manufacturing date at ” 1937 “. However, there are a handfull of well known clock manufacturers that used.

HERSCHEDE 5 TUBE herschede clock serial numbers MOON FACE GRANDFATHER CLOCK , Lot Number: Herschede Hall Clock Company History, Information, & Year of Manufacture by movement serial number (1911 – herschede clock serial numbers 1968) Free from: This clock comes with the original key.

He started making watches as a teenager, moved on to clocks and became wealthy through hard work and good business decisions.• Herschede's flagship line was its tubular bell hall clocks.

Dale Schlanser used to have a classic Model 250 in his foyer that chimed like Big Ben.• Frank and Sadie Herschede had 10 children, two of whom died in their first year.

"It was a really big house and easy to hide in, which we did.""Grandma Herschede was the head of a big family, and they would always come over, the sons and daughters and grandchildren," Mary Lois recalled.

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