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The image of brown-eyed, heavily-muscled Henry Rollins as a screaming, glowering malcontent has persevered in the eyes of those who haven't been following his career as closely as they should have. I've got to tell you, I'm a big fan of Heidi (Heidi May, Henry's long time assistant). Has it really been thirteen years she's been there?! It's been thirteen years but it feels like thirteen ice ages. I've seen you do spoken word a few times and I've also seen you sweat-soaked, barefoot and belligerent while on tour with Rollins Band and I've got to say I miss the music. And it looks a little desperate, a little balding, and a little rotund and I'm neither balding nor rotund.

While others who have stood in his rarefied position now lie in a dung heap of spent force, he seems impossibly alive with more to talk about than ever before. Every time I watch the videos on the site of you guys interacting I just think "comedic gold". She'll be clopping down here on her little cloven hooves in about fifteen minutes. So I just don't want to go, "Hey here's 'Low Self Opinion' again. " It feels like being in year five at the university, like shouldn't you be doing something else?

I started working on this show weeks ago, knowing where I was going to be.

As you can see, there are a lot of Berlin references in our first hour.

Now the states really have to give this a big think. But I think there is a meanness that comes with anyone who's selling anything and all they care about is money. In this new industry they can be part of something historically and culturally that's really cool. I don't know any other industry where you can turn things around in this way and do good. If I was in their shoes, I would be so aware of it and so looking to make good on that. And would make me really excited about working in that industry. What I'm basically detailing is many of the upsides of the medical application of cannabis. But what I'm saying is: there's your sustainability, where you're selling to these different demographics. [Laughs] It's for those guys who don't know what day it is. That it has all of these uses, that all kinds of people smoke it.

What if the outreach was so science-y and so positive and so informational, breaking away from the stereotypes of Cheech and Chong and a couch potato ordering pizza? And when I was young, there's no way you would think of a businessman in line to buy marijuana. And if I were gonna be looking to be in business and make a whole lot of money and have return customers, I'd be trying to sell to everybody. You've called out people who drink but don't support cannabis legalization.

Henry Rollins on the Racist Origins of Marijuana Prohibition The singer has resumed trawling history for facts about weed, the American flag and more for the H2 series '10 Things You Don't Know About' "I never did drugs, really," he told Rolling Stone during a recent interview in Eugene, Oregon, where he was appearing as the keynote speaker at the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference. C., Rollins, now 56, has remained drug-free, even as his opinion on cannabis evolved – and while it might seem surprising, he has channeled his trademark anger into advocating for the legalization of marijuana."Its illegality is based in ignorance and bigotry and racism and financing the prison-industrial complex," he says. I come at it not exactly objectively, but I come at it as a civil rights issue, common sense, science-based, decency issue. It's an issue that gets me going because it pertains to so many other issues in this country. So I started looking at different aspects of crime and punishment and the meaning of justice in this country, and drugs played into that because I was in the punk rock world, where it was just up to here with drugs. And I was backstage and I'm hanging out with Ian Mac Kaye, of Fugazi, and his family. And these are people who sell millions of records and they do pack a wallop when they speak. It's part of forward movement and social evolution. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

At the recent Oregon conference, he told a standing-room-only crowd of industry professionals that it was up to them to right the wrongs of prohibition's past. "We are overturning decades of prejudice, racism and misinformation. You are a steward of civil rights."The day before his speech, Rollins sat down with Rolling Stone to talk Donald Trump, punk, and why marijuana prohibition in America is a scam. And to me, the history of cannabis in America is kind of the history of America itself, because – at least from the Mexican Revolution to now – there's been a push against it. Marijuana gets brown and black and poor people thrown in jail, and when those people are in prison, someone makes a lot of money off of everything from toilet flushes to every meal. And you can stuff prisons with nonviolent criminals. They wanna get all the cannabis money, but they wanna keep the prisons full. And so I've always had an awareness of drugs in the world of crime and punishment, not necessarily the world of enjoyment. I'd been on this tour for 11 months, this material's really solid. And I think going forward, racists and homophobes and misogynists, I think they're gonna start losing membership.

The Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 – that's the one that started the schedules, and placed cannabis right there next to heroin. If that's not a scam, if that doesn't have an ulterior motive, I don't know what does. With legalization, they are finding new ways to put people in jail for marijuana. Don't think that these states all of a sudden are, ' Hey we're gonna be super cool, it's about time.'" They looked at how much money they make incarcerating against the profits they can make from regulating and taxing cannabis. How has your own perception of marijuana evolved over the years? At a certain age I started thinking about marijuana and just what a scam it is. I'm not trying to pull a buck from the vending of. What do you think might surprise a non-user about who the customers are for newly legalized medical and recreational cannabis? I mean, everything in this country's a gateway drug, so don't tell me that marijuana's bad when you're throwing alcohol at my head in every ad everywhere. There was a time where the art dictated the industry. I know bands who treat their audience like consumers. I don't take myself seriously, but I take them really seriously.

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