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Our boat named the "Sweet Leilani" placed 1st place in her class. It was an awesome race and our Hawaiian attire added a tropical feel.

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Why not just move where you want, and ignore the ignorant people. Like some other posters have said, it the attitude "YOU" bring here that determines how you will make it here.

I have met complete "local" strangers who treated me like I was a member of the family almost like my own.

What's wrong with a black woman datingh asian or hawaiin men? If a black woman wants to live and experience hawaiin life, she should date whoever she pleases. Most men Enjoy a beautiful smart woman, regardless of race or color. If there is one place in the country where inter-racial dating is common and unremarkable, it's hawaii.

Who says that just because a black woman may be a minority in Hawaii, she should only seek other black men? Growing up kama'aina and then moving to the mainland for school and work, it was a real shocker to see how much voluntary segregation exists on the mainland.

I've always wanted to move to Hawaii, I've visited 3 times ( a week each time).

I feel I really don't know anything about daily life there, especially the lives of African Americans.

Island attire usually originates from Hawaii, the Caribbean and Southern California but you don't have to travel to one of these destinations to enjoy your favorite tropical fashion.

Our online store have awakened to the high demand of Hawaiian attire so you can enjoy aloha clothing wherever you reside.

I'm a retired teacher and would like to do part-time tutoring, attend a Christian church, and eventually find a compatible African American male mate.

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