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Get real-time visibility into all activity on systems, networks, databases, and applications.Our SIEM offering generates the actionable intelligence you need to prioritize, investigate, and respond to threats.By following these recommendations, you can achieve better performance, scalability, reliability, and uptime.

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A method of detecting threat from email messages based on the sending server's IP address.

IP Reputation Score reflects the likelihood that a network connection poses a threat.

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If others have same Problems by opening the Mc Afee Groupshield Console, check the following settings. After you have set this, some Folders and Files were created in the Folder above.

C:\Programme (x86)\Mc Afee\Group Shield für Exchange\Data\GS7MESData C:\Program Files (x86)\Mc Afee\Group Shield for Exchange\Data\GS7MESData On the Security Tab of this Folder the User "Jeder" / "Everyone" should have at least modify rights. If the Files are not created or no processes called "postgres.exe" were to find in the Taskmanager.

The Exchange Server Analyzer also queries the CIM_Datafile Microsoft Windows® Management Instrumentation (WMI) class to determine the value of the key for GSEVS2. If the value for the Version key indicates that the build number is less than 682 for this file, a warning is displayed. DLL indicates that the latest version of Group Shield 5.2 for Microsoft Exchange is not installed.

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