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Moreover, among sexually active women, those who were below age 55 or above 80 were the most likely to report satisfaction with their ability to achieve orgasms.

"I was surprised by how many people were completely satisfied over the age of 80," said study researcher Elizabeth Barrett-Connor.

She suffered a massive heart attack at the hospital and had been on life support since.

The women lived independently in the community, and not in assisted living facilities or nursing homes.

Toward a more intimate understanding Because research has shown that women tend to desire sex less, and reduce their sexual activity, as they age, the new finding that women become more satisfied with their sex lives as they get older raises two possible explanations, Barrett-Connor said.

"We have been studying this population for many years, and they trust us." More than half of all women surveyed said they were very or moderately satisfied with their sex life.

The percentage of women who described themselves as sexually satisfied increased with age.

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The researchers surveyed a group of women between ages 40 and 100, with a median age of 67.

Half of the responders said they were sexually active, and most of those women said they were able to become aroused, maintain lubrication and achieve orgasm during sex, even after the age of 80.

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Study participants were a well-educated group of upper-middle class women, who generally live a healthy lifestyle, Barrett-Connor said.

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