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It's all about diseases, betrayal, secrecy, and deception.There are scant positive models of healthy non-monogamous relationships, and so monogamy is generally not considered a choice but a given. Brad and Kira, who got married in their early twenties, have also learned valuable lessons from their foray into non-monogamy.Once a couple commits to each other, sexual exclusivity is expected and assumed--for now and forever. Less than two years into their marriage, Kira felt a strong attraction to a coworker.

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Just look at the language that's used to talk about it.

Those who engage in it are either promiscuous, putting themselves and others at risk of sexually transmitted diseases, or cheaters, with a breakup being the expected outcome once an affair is discovered.

Communication is also important for another reason: At some point, you'll need to make sure that your role in the children's lives is clear.

"You never want to assume you're taking on the role of a biological parent," says Yamonte Cooper, Ed D, a licensed professional clinical counselor based in California.

"Rather than continue to encourage people to cram themselves into an old model that isn't working for many -- about one out of two marriages ends in divorce -- we want to acknowledge what's already happening and encourage you to think about new ways to marry," the authors write.

The book, which hit shelves in late September, offers up seven models of alternate marriages for modern couples to consider. Bryce readily admits that he isn't cut out for monogamy.

Their extramarital romps are just about sex, period; they're not looking to forge relationships and explore deeper intimacy with others.

Their goal is to recognize and celebrate each other's needs. Where would you draw the line on celebrating your partner's sexual needs and happiness--or your own?

"Be clear on what the roles are so that no one feels threatened." Dr.

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