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If you’ve fallen for a sweet young thing on a dating site, make sure you have all the details about her and that you prepare adequately for the trip.

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It was a part of the Soviet Union for 200 years before it became an independent nation in 1991.

The country has grown steadily over the years exporting commodities such as gas, cotton, and gold, but its political system is almost a dictatorship, and it doesn’t stand at the top of the ladder with its human rights record.

In the larger cities you will see Uzbek men cavorting with Russian and Korean women and some Uzbek women who are not considered to be of the ‘marrying kind’.

Casual sex between foreigners and ethnic Uzbeks is not too common but you may have better luck with some of the other ethnic groups living in the country.

Uzbek society is at heart conservative and the influence of Islam remains a strong presence in the country.

Despite these influences, Uzbek men recognize two distinct types of women – the ones you marry and the ones you have sex with.One thing about the break-up of the USSR a few years ago – it left the world with a lot of ‘stans’!As well as the country we are talking about in this article, there is Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and throw in a couple of oldies, Afghanistan and Pakistan to round it out at seven.Many of the women in this country who are looking for a western partner can be found on Russian dating websites with a subheading of Uzbekistan. For the really adventurous, maybe nothing in common is an attraction. The emergence of women into the workforce as a result of higher education means that the girl you talk to might be a professional worker like an accountant, engineer or teacher. However, a 20 – 30 year age difference doesn’t really matter especially if the guy is a wealthy westerner.While English is considered a growing language in the country, your chances of coming across a fluent English speaker would be slim, so there will be a need for translations if you are writing or emailing. That will mean she has a bit more independence than, say, a rural worker in a country town. That is always a real plus when you are courting a woman from another country. If you come across a young hottie while scouring the dating sites, don’t be deterred about her age.There are two types of women in the country – the ones you have sex with and the ones you marry.

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