Girls dating douche bags

We assume that if he’s a jerk he must have something really impressive going on in his pants.

Their uncertainty makes us believe they’re interesting.

We love the bad boys because we all suffer from some form of daddy issues, so we end up dating men that are very similar to our assh*le fathers.

We think, “if I can get this jerk to fall in love in love with me, then that must mean I’m special.” This of course is not the case. No one likes to admit it but we secretly love the drama.

Dating a jerk is like that feeling you got when you were underage drinking, it feels so good because you know you shouldn’t be doing it.

He claims all the women he’s dated are “crazy” and he keeps a catalog of nudes in his phone.

Relationships with these guys always end with tears, anger and screenshots that you send to your friends in a group chat.Our parents want us to date the nice guy that has manners and keeps his elbows off the table (boring!) We’re drawn in by their charm, they know how to play the game and they play it well.So why is it that we’re so drawn to guys that we can’t take home to mother?Why do we love to love jerks (otherwise known as f**kboys)?When a guy is too nice we’re turned off but these guys are almost never nice.

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