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With the pictures submitted, choosing the best ones for interviewswasgoing to be difficult.I reviewed the pictures and all the informationthegirls wrote.

I have contacts for pornographic material, butneverthought I would have a willing model. Well, I called her to come in the next day for a photo session. My eyesscanned upher perfectly tanned legs to her incredibly tight ass. Barbara let out a deep lowmoan,"ooooooooooooooooh""oooooooooooooooooooooooooh" "deeeeeper" "give me moooore"5 inches,6,7 inches, 8,9 inches. As soon as I hadherfuckhole stuffed full of my hard cock, Barbara's cunt tightened aroundit asshe went into an incredible orgasmic state.

My heart waspounding as I thought about this beautiful girl's offer to get this job. She was reaching for my cock, trying to shove me back in herdrippingwet cunt. "Please, baby." "Please, baby."Istarted pushing slowly. Barbara grabbed hold of mywaistpulling me trying for deeper penetration.

When her 38 inch tits fell free the hoots and hollers startedagain fromthe crowd.

Then Barbara slipped her panties off and knelt down in frontof Markunbuckling his pants pulling them down.

When I finished undressing I wentback to Barbara's now wet slit and continued my massage of her clit. Then I returned to her wet slit to continue with her clitmassage. Withonly afew drops of sperm dripping off the end of my cock, Barbara licked herlips.

Barbara wasbeginning to moan as she was really getting turned on. As I slid my cock up and down her slit, Barbara tried to push forward toget mycock inside her. Barbara was almost in tears as she quietly cried her plea."Don'tdo this to me, baby!! "I pushed the head of my cock just in Barbara's cunt and stopped."That's it! Islid my cock in her mouth for her to suck any remaining cum out of meand inthe process she licked my shaft clean.I told Barbara to have a seat on the stool as I started snapping somepictures. I asked Barbara if I couldstart myvideo camera to save some time shooting pictures. "I said anything goes."I started the video and went to Barbara asking her to remove her bikinibottomcompletely. As I did, she leanedforward tokiss me burying her tongue in my mouth. Her body literally shook asherorgasm rocked through her body. "I want to taste it." Iyankedout of the tight grip of Barbara's cunt and jerked myself at her face."I'm cumming," I said to her.I spent about 15 minutes taking various poses when I asked Barbara,"What didyou have in mind with your comments earlier." "Are you interested inmoreerotic modeling? "Okay, then", I said, "pull those bikinibottomsaside. Now, with Barbara completely naked, I spread her legs wideexposingher young cunt for the camera."Play with yourself," I ordered." I will if that's what you want, but I'd muchrather you play with me." Well, that was her final invitation for me. I kept fingering her cunt untilit wasnice and moist, but I didn't insert it into her. For almost a full minute I could feelwaves ofpleasure shaking her as she continually cried out, "I'm cuuuuming, I'mcuumming. , baby"Finally her orgasm subsided as she began to relax. A tremendous stream of cum hit her in thefacesplattering all over her.Each time I neared Barbara's lips her mouth opened trying to suck me,but to noavail. Again I went downto hercunt sliding my hard cock down her slit and back up. "No, maybe not," I said and returned to her juicyslitagain smearing my cock up and down her soaked pussy.oooooooh!! ,you fuckin' tease." I sc****d the cum off her face with my fingers andfed itto her until I had her face cleaned up. "I can't wait to see it," shesaid."Maybe we can do another? "I'll fill you in on ittomorrow."I was in my photo studio early the next morning when I heard the knockon thedoor. I told her the job was hers, but "I also want to knowif youmight be interested in a side job for one night.I gradually slid mycockdown her slit and kept going this time to her asshole. I pushed my cock up and down her ass crack andstopped again on her puckered little asshole. A friend of mine ishaving afraternity party at the college Saturday night. "What time should I bethere."I gave Barbara all the details and to ask for Mark when she arrived.She pulled out his cock whichhad grownto about eight inches and she started licking the head.

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