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I did several computer-based ones that were basically just looking at images or words and clicking responses.

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Participating in the studies will be most convenient if 1) you live or work near an institution that conducts clinical research (universities, hospitals) and 2) you have a nontraditional or flexible work schedule that will enable you to be at the institute for an hour or two during the workday.

Most anyone can sign up as a “healthy volunteer,” but if you have some kind of condition you may find studies on that condition that you can participate in as well – and the therapy may even work!

My wife is a Type I diabetic and the folks at UCLA are monitoring our son to see if he will develop diabetes. Money, extra (useful) medical attention, and helping other people.

The study started shortly after he was born, and now they come to our house in New York to draw blood once a year around his birthday, and he gets $50. Is much known about the genetics of that autoimmune disease?

I still see many opportunities advertised, but the enormous population of undergraduates on campus holds the going rate for non-invasive studies to about $10/hour.

I am much more selective about the studies I participate in now; I am no longer motivated by the money I receive but rather the health information I garner.Based on that information, I made several lifestyle changes that should reduce my chance of developing the disease.That information, while perhaps not invaluable, was given to me at a time when I could not afford genetic testing based on my income and the price of the technology.I didn’t have much of a choice about becoming a guinea pig for medical research, but maybe that was the intention of my employer?The research institute I worked at created a ready supply of healthy volunteers for its ongoing clinical trials and studies by paying us trainees less than the living wage in one of the more expensive counties in the US.Believe it or not, there are even people whose primary income comes from participating in clinical studies!

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