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But initial reviews from users were far from glowing - with up to 83 per cent of reviews on Apple's App Store being negative.

A spokesman for Snapchat said: "Updates as big as this one can take a little getting used to, but we hope the community will enjoy it once they settle in." More than 800,000 Snapchat users signed a petition in protest against the redesign.

The other way you can tell is by sending them a direct message.

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The animated lenses will then pop up – which alter your face and/or voice.

You might be asked to open your mouth or raise your eyebrows to make the lens move.

This makes the app, which is just seven years old, more popular than Twitter.

The app gets an enormous 10 billion views each day. M— Preston Police (@Preston Police) June 23, 2017 Snap Maps is a controversial feature which plots you and your friends' locations on a map, so you can see exactly where they are.

Users are able to pick whether they want to make their location visible to all of their friends, a select few, or nobody at all (a setting known as “ghost mode”).

The main age range is 13-24 and the app, which works on both i Phone and Android, is more popular among young women than men.

Because the app targets an increasingly distracted generation, pictures tend to be taken hastily and don’t have the same polished look of snaps posted on rival social media sites Instagram and Facebook.

If they choose to be visible, they’ll appear as an ‘Actionmoji’ on their friends’ maps.

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