Francis boulle speed dating girlfriend

Jamie has an awkward conversation with Binky’s mum and realises he needs to clear the air with her daughter.

Jamie finds out that Lucy has been seeing other men behind his and Andy’s back, and tells others about it, and he faces her wrath when she confronts him about spreading lies.

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Binky is still left confused by Jamie as he refuses to make any effort with her.

At Proudlock’s weekend break, Spencer once again gets the wrong idea about Andy and Louise, and Jamie confesses his love to Binky before laying a kiss on her.

Cheska feels nervous as she prepares to go on a double date with Binky, Stevie and Sam, but is more drawn to Sam than Stevie.

Ollie is introduced to Ianthe’s friend, Danielle, but it doesn’t go to plan as Ollie doesn’t feel a connection with her.

At Jamie’s flat warming party, Spencer interrupts an innocent chat between Andy and Louise and goes off the rails, and Jamie attempts to ask Binky out but is beaten by his old uni friend Sam.

Jamie takes Binky out on a date but is still left confused over his feelings for her, and she has doubts as it may ruin their friendship.

Francis’ feelings for Sophia begin to grow but he’s left heartbroken at the discovery that she’s spent the night with Proudlock.

Jamie asks Lucy to be his date for Rosie’s dinner party but she declines, then accepts Andy’s proposal to be his date.

Francis gets increasingly jealous after seeing Sophia and Proudlock together.

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