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Ice grass plants of Naujaat: • top left: the smallest plant we collected • top middle: the largest plant we observed • right: showing off the incredible root length of one little plant • bottom left: a mixed population of bright green plants and purplish plants • bottom middle: close-up of an inflorescence (the flowering part of the plant).

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Images: Lynn Gillespie, Samantha Godfrey © Canadian Museum of Nature But where was snow grass?

Candidate specimens of snow grass from Canada are superficially similar to ice grass, and without a microscope, we were stuck relying on our hand lenses and general observations of plant form and habitat.

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We continued the search for my little Arctic grasses in Naujaat (previously known as Repulse Bay), a small hamlet in Nunavut that is located directly on the Arctic Circle.

We discovered our first population of ice grass within hours of landing in the community.

With growing doubts about the presence of snow grass in Canada, we left Naujaat for our final destination: the capital of Nunavut.

With only three collecting days in Iqaluit, we had to carefully plan which habitats we wanted to target.

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