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SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES Incumbent will directly supervise personnel.

QUALIFICATIONS To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.

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ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. 1Â Able to read, write, listen and comprehend instructions, information or reports; 2Â Effectively communicate by voice or by radio with other firefighters and other emergency personnel to relay observations, equipment needs and other relevant information; 3Â Follow orders and directives from supervisors; 4Â Drive and operate fire department apparatus and equipment; 5Â Respond to alarms by reporting to assigned vehicle, and riding in assigned vehicle to the scene of the emergency or fire; 6Â Lift, carry, drag, lay and connect hose lines from hydrants and equipment to scene; carry EMS equipment, tools and other equipment from vehicle to scene; 7Â Raise and climb ladders; crawl and walk on roofs and floors; create holes and open windows with axes, bars or hooks for access or ventilation; 8Â Combat fires by holding nozzles and directing streams of fog, chemicals or water and moving into fire area including into confined spaces and up or down stairs; 9Â Move people from danger including carrying unconscious persons; 10Â Provide emergency medical treatment to injured persons at a ALS level; 11Â Remove objects from a building, place protective covers over objects and monitor assigned area for signs of reoccurrence; 12Â Conduct fire drills, critique drill participants on emergency procedures and instruct groups on such procedures; 13Â Participate in training on firefighting, emergency medical aid, emergency procedures and related subjects; 14Â Maintain Department equipment and structures through cleaning walls, floors, fire hose, equipment, etc.; 15Â Maintain personal physical fitness consistent with Department standards; 16Â Maintain EMS certification and other associated certifications within requirements established by the Department; 17Â Meet all essential job function requirements of National Fire Protection Association Standards 10; 18Â Meet all State of Indiana Public Employee Retirement Fund Requirements for 1977 Firefighters Pension and Disability; 19Â Understand and apply concepts identified within the Fort Wayne Fire Department mission statement; 20Â Responding to emergency and non-emergency calls calmly, efficiently and promptly; 21Â Administers basic and advanced life support to patients at the scene, en route to the hospital and in a pre-hospital setting in accordance with federal, state, and local laws, regulations and standards; 22Â Assesses the nature and extent of injury or illness to establish and prioritize medical procedures to be followed; 23Â Effectively communicates with professional medical personnel and treatment facilities to obtain instructions regarding further treatment and/ or to arrange reception of patients to the appropriate center; 24Â Ability to function as a leader for appropriate crew resource management on emergency medical services incidents; 25Â Completing patient care forms, insurance forms, evaluation forms, and all other forms in a competent and timely fashion; 26Â Maintain all skill proficiencies as set forth by Fort Wayne Fire Department EMS training division.

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