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Well, when I was little my mother used to play the piano. I distinctly remember sitting on the piano bench beside my mother while she played. He didn't do drugs, but he drank too much sometimes (that's why I broke it up).

Then, as I was driving in the car, listening to that classical piano piece, it took me back to mother playing while I sat there. He'd let me wear anything I wanted to wear, we went out about 2 times a week, and had fun together.

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Leana, I'll agree.."band guys" now, are involved or married. I remember back in the day when that was their job. I guess that would be why your guy drank too much're always in a bar, you tend to drink, right?? Well, he and his band only had gigs on the weekends at local clubs around Phoenix and that's okay if he dranked at the club (I did too), but when we were at home he would still drink (I never drank at home). I'm going to agree with you on the "rebel quality"...probably do personify the rebel image, don't they.....

I think the 80's lifestyle of excess--booze, drugs, and women---is gone. They went on "tour" if you could call it that, haha, of say... If he kept his consumption, to only at the clubs, then it would had worked out... Well, it may not be true for you, but as I said, MOST.... I'll let you talk to my one very close male friend, who is in a band, and will tell you plain out that guys in bands are in fact, "loose".That thought in my mind of a guy playing the guitar for his baby still holds some attraction for me.But the other day, I'm driving home.....flipping through the radio stations...comes some classical piano piece. Then I had an epiphony of sorts....all know what comfort food is, right? Maybe not the best relationship choice, but hey...least I think I know why *I* am attracted to them. I lived with one for about 8 months after my divorce and it was an interesting lifestyle.Tambourine Man", along with the Animals ' rock interpretation of " The House of the Rising Sun " itself based on Dylan's earlier cover , helped to give Dylan the impetus to start recording with an electric backing band.Turn on your sound to hear 25 bands that prove women are making the best rock music today — then listen to an extended playlist of standout songs from 25 more.They really do take home girls every chance they can. Not sure if it is their personality to begin with or if being in a band made it easier. hmmmm, I'm a musician myself, and there are 2 different musicians.

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