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The graphics have been changed to a more cutesy style of artwork – it seems that opinions are already divided on whether it’s good or not.

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An issue Famitsu Weekly (as reported here by Gematsu) featured some quotes from Tetsuya Nomura who elaborated on how 's combat system will work.

“Battles are not command-based, they’re action-based," said Nomura.

Speaking to Weekly Famitsu (via IGN), Nomura said that the game is "steadily progressing on production" and "that the wait will be be a bit longer for hasn't popped up at any conferences for the past year.

In fact, there haven't been many updates at all since E3 2015.

The console version may be a sprawling RPG, but the Pocket Edition is described as being "Easy for anyone to pick up and play!

" When we went hands-on, it was so accurate a remake of the full game's scenes that it felt surreal.It's also a new glimpse at Cloud and Barret in the remake.Check the pictures out below: remake from developer Cyber Connect2 to an in-house development team.Worth taking with a big pinch of salt, new reports suggest that Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be launched in an episodic format, but not in 2018.The first release planned for the game will arrive in early 2019, quite a blow for those hoping for something much sooner.More on 's director, Tetsuya Nomura, revealed two new screenshots from the long-gestating project at Magic Monaco 2017.

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