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We might bump into that person we’ve been meaning to call, and perhaps buy a bar of soap. But produce shopping is becoming an increasingly rare act, according to a recent Washington Post article.

To be clear, by hipster I mean people who go to farmers market and don’t buy produce.

They may or may not have an epic ‘stache, or a shirt from a machine shop with a name patch that says “Joey,” and may or may not be sipping an espresso drink from a disposable cup.

They are probably deep in conversation, especially if they care more about the scene than the cilantro.

They might purchase a breakfast taco, but no basil. And in their unhurried schmoozing they clog the market aisles like arterial plaque, impeding the flow of serious shoppers who are looking for some actual damn produce.

And if you’re a customer that just wants to go get some food, you’re like, nah."But aside from such speculation, the proof in this comparison is in the profits.

Josh Slotnick runs produce stands at both markets, and told me that he does twice the business at the plant market that he does at the Meat Market. In the end, every grower I spoke with, at both markets, agreed with Zach Lester that the socialites who treat the market like a Grateful Dead revival tour and block the way of people who actually want produce, are bad for business.

Zach Lester, a Virginia grower who sells at DC’s trendy Dupont Circle market told the Post he was down ,000 a year from a decade ago, when he did about 0,000 in sales.

This decrease comes in spite of the fact that the market is more popular than ever.

I still go there to get certain items from vendors I’ve long patronized, and to buy my produce in relative peace. The market, which we left for dead 10 years ago, now offers a surprisingly valuable commodity: a pleasant shopping experience, where my kids can run around and I can see them when they are more than five feet away. “It’s more of a social event than a shopping event,” said Stephen Paferi, a grower at the Meat Market who’d jumped ship from the other one.

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