Face time sex

All you need is a Bluetooth connection and the desire to turn each other on (and get each other off).

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Talking dirty to each other is a delicate combination of what you say and how you say it. Just like you’re not always in the mood when you’re with each other, the same is true for when you’re apart.

Work, kids and life can get in the way of your libido.

If you're looking for love (or just to flirt), check out Visual Friend, an online community of i Phone 4 users.

To get started, register with the site, upload a photo, and answer a series of questions like, "Do you consider yourself a flirt? " For more details on how Visual Friend works, keep reading.

While no sex toy can replace the power of your partner’s touch, some do come close.

The Onyx and Pearl couples set by Kiiroo is a great investment for couples doing the long-distance deed.

To be honest, I don't know if I'd be brave enough to ever use a service like this.

But for fun-loving, adventurous, and single i Phone 4 users, it's a great service!

This creates an interesting conundrum for Apple, who is notorious for keeping its App Store as squeaky clean as possible (the Chatroulette app didn't last too long, did it? And while developers occasionally find loopholes for downloading sexy pics and whatnot over AT&T's glorious 3G network, Steve & Co.

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