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I worried that I might want to become an actor only because of a fantasy about being an actor, and my parents also thought that I did not need to study drama and cinema at the university when I had to choose my major.

But I suddenly realized that I had to become an actor with a strong conviction at that moment, so I enrolled in an academy that teaches acting and began to appear in a drama as a supporting actor.” The most outstanding drama among his acting experiences was “Sungkyunkwan Scandal.” He used to have many young fans before, but he could have older female fans in Korea and Japan after that role.

His wish to become like Di Caprio does not sound unrealistic at all.

Song Joong Ki said, “I am proud of myself because I can play a protagonist already.

He decided to become an actor when he was a sophomore.

He explained, “I had a vague dream of becoming an actor from childhood, but I did not have the conviction.

I was also excited to present my different and various appearances.” Song Joong Ki made a last comment about his future goal of acting, saying, “I am still young.

My age, which is twenty-seven years old, is not a young age, but I think that I am still young as an actor.

But I could be totally immersed in the drama when I first read the script. I worried how I could present this serious and difficult acting while playing the character, but I basically thought that my appearance in only those four episodes was more valuable than appearing in a total of twenty episodes as a protagonist.” After he finished his appearance in the first four episodes of the drama, he recently filmed one more scene with the actor Han Seok Kyu.

Song said, “I had felt sorry that I could not act together with the great actor Han Seok Kyu when I filmed my parts in the first four episodes, so I was greatly happy when I heard the news that I had to film one more scene with Han Seok Kyu.

He used to be a short track speed skater until he was in the third grade in the middle school and he used to dream about becoming a member of the national team.

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