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If available User Interface Privilage Isolation (UIPI) restricts passing messages between applications running on different integrity levels.Explaining effects of this privilage isolation on drag and drop operations, Nimi Places has to run on: Therefore, we recommend running Nimi Places from under Program Files location and ensuring that running user has granted Nimi Places enough rights to interact with the other processes (e.g.: run as administrator).To open startup folder type "shell:startup" in run command prompt.

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Why this happens isn’t entirely clear, but it appears that the application that claims to no longer be open, yet appears to be open, is simply stuck in some sort of crash or unresponsive loop.

Have you seen this weird “Application is not open anymore”error before on your Mac?

Before you get overly concerned about what this means, we’ll show you a few ways to fix the “Application is not open anymore” error message in Mac OS.

The “Application is not open anymore” error is typically associated with the application in question becoming unresponsive and unusable, but it still remains shown as open in the Dock and often windows and associated items appear on screen still as if it is open.

This error is often seen when trying to interact with Preview, Finder, Steam, or many other apps either through one of the apps related files or through the app itself.

Once you see the “Application not open anymore” error, the named app is basically inaccessible and unavailable and stuck open.

Did forcing the app to relaunch work to resolve it for you?

Recent I opened my mac, and as I opened it (from sleep mode) the league patcher popped up because there was an update for league. At one point the update got stuck so I decided to just press the casual "x" on the top. I decided to redownloaded it and now whenever the old launcher comes up I press the big yellow button saying " LAUCH" and the launcher goes away and the game doesn't start up. Ive tried quite a lot of things , but honestly if you have any suggestion i would greatly appreciated it .

After selecting new location, it will be enlisted under its container type subcategory of added elements list.

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