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To me, that demonstration of love is a powerful witness for Him.” She more recently wrote of being more accepting of everyone, saying: “You see, I have accepted my life, my actions, and my voice.I know that just because the religion I choose to live by is love, that does not mean you or anyone else has to follow.

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That’s where I understand that everyone is different.

“That God has made and numbered the hairs on our heads for a reason. Where your words brought tears to my partner’s eyes, for you to prove and share your point, my own reassured her of everything that she is to me.

Mc Leod admits that's made it tough to grow as fast as Tinder, which has been downloaded 40 million times in two years and makes 14 million matches a day, according to .

And yet, Mc Leod believes this comparatively measured approach to growth will serve Hinge well in the long run."Obviously, they're bigger than we are.

In 2011, she wrote: “I am often surrounded by people living ungodly lifestyles, specifically when it comes to homosexuality.

As a Christian, sometimes I am ridiculed for not going along with the crowd, but I do my best to explain to them that, as a Christfollower, I still love them even though I am not going to agree with what they do.

Mc Leod sees it, Tinder is the My Space of the mobile dating world and Hinge, the app he started, is the Facebook. And now, Mc Leod has a fresh round of funding to make that dream come true.

On Thursday, Hinge announced it has raised an additional million, which will fund Hinge's already rapid expansion into new cities, including the launch of its first international outpost in London this February.

That means Mc Leod is more concerned about ensuring the app is something people will continue to tell their friends about than he is about keeping a given user that he paid to advertise to.

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