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The remainder went to the Convergence for Social Democracy (CPDS), one of two opposition parties that independently competed in the elections.

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Parliamentary and municipal elections were held in 2013.

Obiang’s Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea (PDGE) won 54 of the 55 contested Senate seats, 99 of the 100 seats in the lower house, and all but five of the local council seats.

Equatorial Guinea is one of the smallest continents in Africa , composed of a mainland portion, and five inhabited islands.

The majority of the Guineans speak Spanish and some also speak French, which are the two official languages of the country.

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Independence Day is a public holiday in the Equatorial Guinea.

Under constitutional reforms approved in a 2011 referendum, Equatorial Guinea replaced its unicameral system with a bicameral parliament consisting of a 75-seat Senate and a 100-seat Chamber of Deputies.

Fifteen senators are appointed by the president and five are ex officio members.

Equatorial Guinea was originally an African colony of Spain , called Spanish Guinea.

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