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Although we solve several problems of practical interest, we will simply set up and solve the equations of motion with some arbitrary values for system parameter, and won’t attempt to explore their behavior in detail.

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Vast numbers of computer programs have been written for this purpose some focus on very specialized applications, such as calculating orbits for spacecraft (STK); calculating motion of atoms in a material (LAMMPS); solving fluid flow problems (e.g.

fluent, CFDRC); or analyzing deformation in solids (e.g.

You may find it helpful to review the discussion of aerodynamic drag forces in Section 2.1.7 before proceeding with this example.

The Direction of the air drag force is always opposite to the direction of motion of the projectile through the air.

Here, however, we will integrate the equations by hand, just to show that there is no magic in MAPLE.: It is traditional in elementary physics and dynamics courses to solve vast numbers of problems involving particle trajectories.

These invariably involve being given some information about the trajectory, which you must then use to work out something else.

In this section, we derive equations of motion for a number of simple systems, and find their solutions.

The purpose of these examples is to illustrate the straightforward, step-by-step procedure for analyzing motion in a system.

the deflection of the spring due to the weight of the vehicle (without motion).

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