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Derek, sorry to hear that you've been proper poorly.Wishing you a speedy recovery and a Happy, Healthy New Year. Was in the square in December having coffee with 2 sisters and a niece .

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Ironically enough, our urge to capture the here-and-now in a recording can actually inhibit our joy.

Our attempt to preserve the thrill of the moment can rob us of the moment itself.

The euphoria of the now cannot be taken prisoner -- it is only available to us in this one instance alone and then it is gone.

Certainly a digital video can help us remember the evening, but it's the memory that brings us joy, not the blown-out video, right?

When Philippe Coutinho signed for Barcelona he talked about how the club was a reference point for Brazilians, and in particular he spoke of Ronaldinho.

The former Barca star has recently retired but his impact at the Catalan club, and across the footballing world, is still strongly felt.

Thanksgiving is the best holiday, the cliché goes, and New Year's Eve is the worst.

Personally, I'm not so wild about Thanksgiving, when we're pressured to be (or act) grateful no matter how we actually feel.

I too am a participant -- I've posted more than a thousand photos.

We can't go back in time: photography, recorded music and the Internet are more than just a passing craze.

Hopefully we'll meet at the airport again sometime in 2018!

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