Eli roth dating peaches geldof who dating vanessa simmons

However, now that they're broken up, we may want to consider hurling just a little (or a lot).Mainly because the darling Peaches, notorious for tweeting absolutely everything, made sure to keep her followers in the loop at every turn—especially about her feelings, some of which are kinda bummers. When things were looking gloomy, Peaches started leaking clues through her Twitter account.

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He's got famous friends like Quentin Tarantino and Brad Pitt.

Eli is pretty established as a writer/director, and now actor.

He’s got famous friends like Quentin Tarantino and Brad Pitt.

He’s pretty hot, in a quirky/sexy nice-Jewish-boy way.

faces at their post-Oscars shenanigans, to include uncomfortable PDAing and OMG look at us Tweeting."At the Vanity Fair Oscar night party with @eliroth who's got a silent movie star look going down tonight. And later: @eliroth shouted 'word' into a microphone p.diddy thrust in his face whilst jumping on a couch. Now, Peaches Geldof is not really much of anything.

Her father is Bob Geldof, the dude who organized Live Aid, and is generally in competition with Bono for the most self-righteous wanker out there. Guess it strikes some people as weird that the guy who played The Bear Jew is dating some Irish lass with inclinations towards fringe religious practices.

She was in five celebrity relationships averaging approximately 2.8 years each.

Did anything weird or trippy happen while you were making The Last Exorcism?

Eli Roth and London party girl Peaches Geldof have been the talk of Hollywood lately!

The duo kissed and cuddled throughout the Vanity Fair Oscars bash in LA, and the next day Eli, 37, and 21-year-old Peaches, daughter of British music legend Bob Geldof, were spotted smooching at a Sunset Blvd. “Peaches has always dated rocker types before,” says an insider. She says she wants it to last.” But 17-years-old Eli may not be taking the romance quite as seriously, says another source. I think Eli’s just thrilled to have such a cute, young girlfriend! I actually thought Peaches was unattractive until this batch of photos – now that I‘m seeing her from different angles, I don‘t think she‘s unattractive. But she looks so much like her father, it’s a little spooky. Though she’s already a divorcee, I’m going to lay the blame for this dating fiasco right on Eli’s shoulders. And what’s with all of these reports that you like really young girls, like, inappropriately young? Grow up enough that you’re not picking up chicks out of high school.

Now, Peaches Geldof is not really much of anything.

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