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Water was drawn from wells, either private or public at least since the New Kingdom.At Pi Ramses a number of public wells have been uncovered, the largest with a diameter of five metres, and a spiral staircase leading to the water.

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Metjen, a third dynasty official, received from his king among other gifts Foundations were generally non existent.

Virgin soil above groundwater level was baked rock hard by the sun and needed just some levelling.

Still, nights could grow chilly, but a store of firewood could make one's home cosier: Gardens were very popular in Egypt.

From an enclosed yard with a few fruit trees to botanical and zoological gardens with exotic trees, ponds, often stocked with fish, and caged animals and birds, gardens are depicted in many tombs.

At least in tomb depictions these gardens were very formal with rectangular ponds and trees and vines planted in straight rows.

Trees and shrubs were grown for shade and for their fruit: date and other palm trees, sycamore fig, pomegranate, nut trees and jujube.

Excavations indicate that a typical worker's house had two to four rooms on the ground floor, an enclosed yard, which acted as a kitchen, and two cellars for storage. , exposed to the cooling breeze blowing from the Mediterranean.

As it was at times at least surrounded by a low wall, precautions must have been taken against the albeit rare occurrence of rainwater collecting on the roof and possibly causing it to collapse.

Many people slept on the roof during the summer to keep cool. Finer houses had reception rooms and private quarters, while some even had bathrooms and toilets. Nor were the sewers in the towns much more sophisticated, consisting of an open gully running down the middle of some streets.

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